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I would like to replace my boiler, but it’s the middle of winter. Won’t my house freeze up while they are working on the replacement? 

We are able to replace the boiler or make any other major changes to your heating system on the coldest day of winter without your house dropping below 65 degrees. Because we specialize in this type of work, and most of it is performed during the winter, we have developed a variety of different techniques to ensure you stay warm and comfortable during the entire operation.

Are high efficiency boilers more expensive to maintain?

The high efficiency boilers that we recommend have been proven reliable and require the same amount of annual maintenance as a standard efficiency boiler. We believe in them so much we put them in our own homes. There are some lower quality boilers on the market that require more in-depth and expensive annual maintenance to maintain their warranty. We recommend avoiding these boilers.

I have a large radiator in my kitchen; can I eliminate it or use something smaller?

Yes. This is a very common problem with kitchens built before 1940. We have a variety of options available, but the most common solution is a toe kick heater. Toe kick heaters are installed under the kitchen cabinets and have a fan that blows air across a hot water coil out into the kitchen. One small toe kick heater can easily warm an average kitchen.

Can I replace my existing radiators with smaller radiators?

Yes, we have a variety of different solutions. Sometimes they are a direct replacement and sometimes we have to modify the piping system to accommodate the change.

During the heating season the top floor of my house gets too hot, what can I do?

This is very common in a four square home, and even more prevalent in homes with a 3rd floor. We normally recommend zoning each floor separately to eliminate this problem.

I think my boiler is covered with asbestos, who handles that?

If your boiler was installed before 1970 it is very likely that it has some form of asbestos on it. All asbestos abatement is required by law to be handled by a licensed asbestos abatement contractor. We are not licensed in this area, but are always happy to recommend licensed contractors who are.

I do not know how old my water heater is but does it make sense to replace it at the same time as the boiler.

It is very common to replace the hot water heater at the same time as the boiler. This gives the home owner the peace of mind that all of their mechanicals are brand new and also saves them money by installing them both at the same time.

What about in floor heat, can that be run off of my existing boiler?

In most cases, yes. The most common places for us to install in floor heat is bathrooms, kitchens and mudrooms. We can even install in-floor heat under existing hardwood flooring.

Right now, the boiler is sitting in the middle of the basement, can you move it to a more convenient location?

We do this all the time. Thanks to new boiler technology we are able to vent the boiler direct out the side of the house rather than the chimney. This allows us to move the boiler anywhere the homeowner wants it. Often times we are able to consolidate the boiler and water heater in the laundry room or a small closet, freeing up a large amount of space in the basement.

I am thinking of remodeling my basement and the old heating pipes hang really low in the basement. Can you do anything about that?

Yes, we can remove the old pipes and install new flexible pex piping in the joist space. This can free up over 12” of vertical headroom in a basement.

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