Air Conditioning For Homes With Radiators

I have a home with radiators, what sort of air conditioning options do I have?

In a home without a traditional duct system, such as a home with radiators, we have two options; The Unico System and Mini-Split air conditioners.

If I install air conditioning, does that mean I am going to have large ductwork running all over my house?

No – the Unico System is designed to fit where other systems can’t. The flexible ducts can be routed through existing cavities in ceilings, walls or floors. The modular air handlers and coils can be easily installed into ceilings, crawlspaces or closets.

I have heard that small duct systems like the Unico System are noisy, is that true?

If the system is properly installed, it should be whisper quiet. Our installations are so quiet that most of the time our customers have to hold their hand next to the outlet in order to tell if the system is on or not. Some contractors try to cut corners and use fewer outlets than specified or they try to use cheap ductwork that was not designed to use with a small duct system.

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